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Defining the future of excellence and growth.

Diverse Scientific Programme

A diverse and scientific program is sure to understand your demands, help you meet challenges, and bring about a difference for good. So come forward and explore the unique part about programs that cater to your demands.

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Clinicians & Researchers From Around The World To Join Us In Stockholm

Highest Standard And Highlights

Meeting challenges and moving ahead to exploit the same are a few of the things that we always prefer to do, and that helps you with higher standards of services.

Exciting Programme

Helping you explore a couple of exciting programs are activities that tend to take things forward.

Professor Sessions

Sessions that bring in change and promote you to take the next step towards meeting all kinds of goals and demands.

ECTS Training Course

A training course that begins with basics and goes all the way to advanced stages that are here for the better part of the program.


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Scientific Programme Committee

A committee that looks towards the future is one that is always engaged with concepts such as growth and development because that is what we need to achieve the essential ingredients of a successful life.

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What You Need to Know About ECTS Congress 2021

What You Need to Know About ECTS Congress 2021

ECTS or the European Calcified Tissue Society is one of those events that you don’t want to miss. Considering the fact that 2020 could not bring in a lot of good, it is always ideal to look towards something new and explore what 2021 has to offer. For that purpose, we...