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endorsed by The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF)

IOF endorsement letter (pdf)(237kb)

Saturday 18 May 2013
09:00 09:30  COFFEE
09:30 12:00  Clinical Update 1
Osteoporosis in premenopausal women and men
Auditorium II
Chairs: Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland) & Jaime da Cunha Branco (Lisbon, Portugal)
09:30CU1.1Osteoporosis in premenopausal women
Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
10:00CU1.2Management of osteoporosis in premenopausal women
Jennifer Walsh (Sheffield, UK)
10:30CU1.3Male osteoporosis
Claes Ohlson (Gothenburg, Sweden)
11:00CU1.4Medical management of Osteoporosis in men
Steve Boonen (Leuven, Belgium)
11:30CU1.5Glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosis
Cyrus Cooper (Southampton, UK)
12:00 12:30  LUNCH
12:30 15:05  Clinical Update 2
Inflammatory disease and bone
Auditorium II
Chairs: Piet Geusens (Diepenbeek, Belgium) & Willem Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
12:30CU2.1Osteo-immunology, the basic concepts
Georg Schett (Erlangen, Germany)
13:00CU2.2Osteoporosis and fragility fractures in rheumatoid arthritis
Glen Haugeberg (Oslo, Norway)
13:30CU2.3Osteoporosis in SLE
Irene Bultink (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
14:00CU2.4Osteoporosis in ankylosing spondylitis
Christian Roux (Paris, France)
14:30CU2.5The effect of anti-inflammatory treatments (except GC) on bone
Willem Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
12:30 13:40  Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Session
Auditorium III
Chairs: Margaret Paggiosi (Sheffield, UK) & Andrea Marques (Coimbra, Portugal)
12:30Introduction to the highlights of the meeting
Andrea Marques (Coimbra, Portugal)
12:55AHP1.2Compliance with Osteoporosis: Can we improve patient understanding through education?
Adolfo Díez-Pérez (Barcelona, Spain)
13:30 13:45  Coffee Break
13:45 15:00  Allied Health Professionals (AHP) Session continued
13:45AHP1.3Could compliance be improved through monitoring?
Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
14:20PP439Abstract presentation - The Direct And Indirect Costs Of An Osteoporotic Fracture: A Prospective Evaluation Of Elderly Patients With A Clinical Fracture
Willem Lems (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
14:30PP450Abstract Presentation - Transdermal Delivery of BA058, A Novel Analog of hPTHrP (1-34), with a Short Wear Time Patch in Preclinical and Clinical Studies
Gary Hattersley (Cambridge, USA)
14:40PP286Abstract Presentation - Muscle function and quality of life in primary hyperparathyroidism
Lars Rolighed (Aarhus, Denmark)
14:50PP111Abstract Presentation - The effect of gastric bypass treatment for obesity on hormones related to bone re-modeling and intestinal growth
Bolette Hartmann (Copenhagen, Denmark)
15:00 15:30  BREAK
15:30 17:00  Satellite Symposium - Treatment of Severe Osteoporosis: an update - supported by Lilly
Supported by Lilly
Auditorium I
15:30Welcome & Introductions
Franz Jakob (Germany)
15:35Epidemiology of Fragility Fractures: an update
Cyrus Cooper (UK)
15:50Effects of Bone Active Agents on Cortical Bone
Jan Stepán (Czech Republic)
16:15Role of Gender and Etiology in the Response to Bone Active Agents in Patients with Osteoporosis
Alexandra Papaiouannou (Hamilton, Canada)
16:50Q & A and Closing Remarks
Franz Jakob (Germany)
17:00 17:15  BREAK
17:15 19:15  Opening Ceremony
Auditorium I
17:15Welcome to the congress from the ECTS President
Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark)
17:20Welcome to Lisbon from the Chair of the Local Organising Committee
Helena Canhão (Lisbon, Portugal)
17:30 19:00  Opening Ceremony: ECTS 50th Anniversary Symposium: 50 years of research in bone and mineral metabolism
Supported by Amgen in collaboration with GSK
17:30OpC150 years of progress in bone biology
Roland Baron (Boston, USA)
18:00OpC250 years of progress in bone imaging
Harry Genant (San Francisco, USA)
18:30OpC350 years of progress in treatment of bone diseases
Graham Russell (Oxford, UK)
Auditorium I
Previous Grant Winner Presentation
Saba Abdulghani (Lisbon, Portugal)
19:15 01:00  50th Anniversary Welcome Reception
Following the Opening Ceremony, we are delighted to invite all delegates to attend the Anniversary Welcome Reception to help us celebrate our 50-year anniversary. Complimentary drinks and refreshments and entertainment will be available, continuing with a pay bar into the late evening.
Sunday 19 May 2013
08:00 09:00  Symposium 1: Developmental origins of metabolic bone disease
Auditorium I
Chairs: Tim Spector (London, UK) & Jácome Bruges Armas (Porto, Portugal)
08:00S1.1Developmental epigenetics and the intrauterine origins of chronic disease
Keith Godfrey (Southampton, UK)
08:30S1.2Maternal environment and intrauterine skeletal development
Kassim Javaid (Oxford, UK)
09:00 10:00  Plenary Orals 1
Osteoporosis epidemiology and long term treatment complications
Auditorium I
Chairs: Bo Abrahamsen (Copenhagen, Denmark) & Katharina Jähn (Hamburg Germany)
09:00OC1.1Disease-specific perception of fracture risk and incident fracture rates among postmenopausal women: findings from the Global Longitudinal Study of Osteoporosis in Women (GLOW)
Celia Gregson (Bristol, UK)
09:10OC1.2Hip fractures and bone mineral density of the elderly - importance of serum 25-hydroxy vitamin D
Laufey Steingrimsdottir (Reykjavik, Iceland)
09:20OC1.3Size at birth is not associated with risk of hip fracture. Results from two population-based cohorts
Liisa Byberg (Uppsala, Sweden)
09:30OC1.4Intake and serum levels of α-tocopherol in relation to fractures in elderly women and men
Karl Michaëlsson (Uppsala Sweden)
09:40OC1.5Heart failure in patients treated with bisphosphonates
Peter Vestergaard (Aalborg, Denmark)
09:50OC1.6Femur Geometrical Parameters in the Pathogenesis of Atypical Femur Fractures
Suzanne Morin (Montréal, Canada)
09:00 10:00  Plenary Orals 2
Bone quality and fracture repair - animal models
Auditorium II
Chairs: Martine Cohen-Solal (Paris, France) & Joana Caetano-Lopes (Lisbon, Portugal)
09:00OC2.1Treatment With Soluble Activin Type IIB-Receptor Improves Bone Mass And Strength In A Mouse Model Of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
Tero Puolakkainen (Turku, Finland)
09:10OC2.2Intermittent human parathyroid hormone (1-84) treatment improves bone mass and bone defect healing in rats with type 2 diabetes mellitus
Christine Hamann (Dresden, Germany)
09:20OC2.3Low-magnitude high-frequency vibration (LMHFV) improves fracture healing in aged, ovariectomized mice
Esther Wehrle (Ulm, Germany)
09:30OC2.4PPAR beta deficiency induces muscle and bone loss with aging but does not impair the bone biomechanical response to loading: a sarco-osteopenic mouse model
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
09:40OC2.5Glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor is required for optimal bone strength and quality
Guillaume Mabilleau (Angers, France)
09:50OC2.6Growth hormone excess in bGH transgenic mice adversely affects bone density, architecture and quality
Su-Vern Lim (London, UK)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 1: Fat and bone
Auditorium I
Chairs: João Eurico Fonseca (Lisbon, Portugal) & Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch (Graz, Austria)
11:00W1.1Effects of fat on bone: location and age matter
Jennifer Walsh (Sheffield, UK)
11:30W1.2Anorexia and bone
Madhusmita Misra (Boston, USA)
12:00W1.3Obesity,bariatric surgery and bone
Nuria Guanabens (Barcelona, Spain)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 2: Developmental biology and bone
Auditorium II
Chairs: Tim Arnett (London, UK) & Andrea del Fattore
11:00W2.1Fish as a model organism for mineralization related pathologies
Leonar Cancela (Faro, Portugal)
11:30W2.2Chondrocyte growth and differentiation during endochondral ossification
Andrea Vortkamp (Essen, Germany)
12:00W2.3Bone shaping by muscle force during embryogenesis
Elazar Zelzer (Rehovot, Israel)
12:30 13:45  LUNCH AND POSTERS
12:45 13:45  Meet the Professor Parallel Sessions
12:45MTP1ECTS Excellence in Research Lecture: Methods for assessing bone microstructure - AUDITORIUM III
Alan Boyde (London, UK)
12:45MTP2The wnt signalling in and out of bone - AUDITORIUM IV
Venkatesh Krishnan (Boston, USA)
12:45MTP3Epigenetic regulation: what and why? - Room 5A
Room 5A
Keith Godfrey (Southampton, UK)
12:45MTP4Fish as a model system for exploring skeletal development and regeneration - Room 5B
Room 5B
Leonor Cancela (Faro, Portugal)
12:45MTP5Mineralisation: the key role of extracellular ATP - Room 5C
Room 5C
Tim Arnett (London, UK) & Isabelle Orriss (London, UK)
12:45 13:45  New Investigator Workshop 1
Auditorium II
Chair: Tim Spector (London, UK)
NIW1Genomics and proteomics as emerging technologies in bone research
André Uitterlinden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
13:45 14:45  Symposium 2: Sarcopenia – causes and consequences
Joint Session with ASBMR
Auditorium I
Chairs: Steven Boonen (Leuven, Belgium) & José Melo-Gomes (Lisbon, Portugal)
13:45S2.1Skeletal muscle loss: sarcopenia and inactivity
Ann McArdle (Liverpool, UK)
14:15S2.2Sarcopenia: Prevalence and consequences
Douglas Kiel (Boston, USA)
14:45 15:00  Awards 2
Previous Grant Winner Presentations
Auditorium I
Davide Ruffoni (Zurich, Switzerland)
Eman Azzam (Aberdeen, UK)
Riku Kiviranta (Turku, Finland)
15:00 16:00  Oral Posters 1: Pre-clinical
Auditorium I
Chairs: Miep Helfrich (Aberdeen, UK) & Sandra Casimiro (Lisbon, Portugal)
15:00OP21IGF-1 regulates MC-3T3 and human primary osteoblast to osteocyte differentiation in 3D culture
Nicole EE Scully (Cardiff, UK)
15:05OP22The Effect of mTORC1 on Postnatal Skeletal Development
Mary Matthews (Adelaide, Australia)
15:10OP23MEK inhibitors in fracture healing and NF1 pseudarthrosis
David Little (Westmead, Australia)
15:15OP24Identification and Characterization of a Mesenchymal Progenitor Cell Population Involved in Fracture Healing
Ivo Kalajzic (Farmington, USA)
15:20OP25Oxygen tension-mediated regulation of chondrogenic differentiation: application to stem cells based osteochondral repair
Sophie Portron (Nantes, France)
15:25OP26Bone is the main target of activation of Canonical Wnt pathway in osteoarthritis
Thomas Funck-Brentano (Paris, France)
15:30OP27Milk fat globule-epidermal growth factor 8 (MFG-E8) is a critical determinant of bone mass and alters the course of inflammation in arthritis
Kathrin Sinningen (Dresden, Germany)
15:35OP28Functional assessment of Paget's disease-causing mutations in Sequestosome-1 (SQSTM1)
Eman Azzam (Aberdeen, UK)
15:40OP29miR-192 Impairs Invasion and Tumor-Induced Osteolysis by Repressing CCL2 in Bone Metastatic Colonization
Karmele Valencia (Pamplona, Spain)
15:45OP30Clusterin Inhibition using OGX-011 Synergistically Enhances Zoledronic Acid Activity in Osteosarcoma.
Francois Lamoureux (Nantes, France)
15:00 16:00  Oral Posters 1: Clinical
Auditorium II
Chairs: Robert Lindsay (West Haverstraw, USA) & Isabelle Orriss
15:00PP384Does Vitamin D status impact on hip fracture incidence? - evidence of fracture variation with latitude and season in Sweden
Eugene McCloskey (Sheffield, UK)
15:05OP2Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Vitamin D Supplements on Bone Mineral Density in Adults
Ian Reid (Auckland, New Zealand)
15:10OP3The risk of fractures in cirrhosis and chronic pancreatitis. A Danish nationwide retrospective matched cohort study
Ulrich Christian Bang (Hvidovre, Denmark)
15:15OP4Relationship between bone mineral density, body composition, skin sclerosis and serum 25(OH) vitamin D levels in  systemic sclerosis
Addolorata Corrado (Foggia, Italy)
15:20PP22Generalized Long Term Bone Loss in Early Rheumatoid Arthritis in the Biologic Treatment Era - A 10 Year prospective Observational Study
Glenn Haugeberg (Bærum, Norway)
15:25OP6Cortical and Trabecular Alterations in Patients with Bone Marrow Edema of the Lower Limb
Afrodite Zendeli (Vienna, Austria)
15:30OP7Bone Marrow Fat Is Metabolically Distinct Fat Depot
Riku Kiviranta (Turku, Finland)
15:35OP8Genome-Wide Association Study meta-analysis identifies the SOAT1/AXDND1 locus to be associated with hip and forearm fracture risk
Ulrika Pettersson-Kymmer (Umeå, Sweden)
15:40OP9Interaction between FGF23 R176W mutation and C716T nonsynonymous change (T239M, rs 7955866) in FGF23 on the clinical phenotype in a family with autosomal dominant hypophosphatemic rickets
Daniela Merlotti (Siena, Italy)
15:45OP10Regional heterogeneity of trabecular bone microdamage density in association with trabecular microarchitecture and bone resorption in whole human lumbar vertebrae
Vincent Carpentier (Paris, France)
16:00 16:30  COFFEE
16:30 18:00  Educational Symposium 1
ECTS-OARSI joint educational symposium on Osteoarthritis.
Supported by Biocientifica
Auditorium II
Chairs: Stuart Ralston & Virginia Kraus
16:30Chair's Welcome
George Peat (Keele, UK )
17:05ES1.2Disease mechanisms
John Loughlin (Newcastle, UK)
17:30ES1.3Management of osteoarthritis
Francois Rannou (Paris, France)
18:00 18:30  BREAK
18:30 20:00  Satellite Symposium - Current and Future Strategies for the Management of Osteoporosis: Signaling a Change in the Conversation - Supported by MSD
Auditorium I
Chair: Jose Antonio Melo-Gomes
Welcome & Introductions
Jose Antonio Melo-Gomes
18:35Optimizing Therapy in Osteoporosis
Christian Roux (Paris, France)
18:55The Impact of Selective Cathepsin K Inhibition on Bone Homeostatis
Roland Baron (Boston, USA)
19:15Odanacatib: A Novel Approach to the Treatment of Osteoporosis
Ego Seeman (Melbourne, Australia)
19:35Q & A and Closing Remarks
Jose Antonio Melo-Gomes
20:00 22:00  ECTS New Investigator Seminar and Social Gathering
Auditorium II
Chairs: Riku Kiviranta & Andrea del Fattore & Davide Ruffoni
20:00Plenary Session: Bone Research – The Next 50 Years
Roland Baron (Boston, USA)
20:00Plenary Session: Bone Research – The Next 50 Years
Harry Genant (San Francisco, USA)
20:00Plenary Session: Bone Research – The Next 50 Years
Graham Russell (Oxford, UK)
21:00PP27Sclerostin/MEPE axis in OA: lessons from long bone development
Katherine Staines (London, UK)
21:05PP31A GWAS in an extreme high bone mass population shows exess signal from genes associated with BMD in normal population
Celia Gregson (Brisbane, Australia)
21:10PP38Bisphosphonate influence on bone quality at molecular level: study of human jaw bone sequesters by Raman microspectroscopy
Cécile Olejnik (Lille, France)
21:15PP139New PI3Kalpha-specific inhibitor, BYL719: therapeutic interest in osteosarcoma
Bérengère Gobin (NANTES cedex, France)
21:20PP175Identification of a small molecule kinase inhibitor that enhances osteoblast differentiation of human skeletal (mesenchymal) stem cells through regulation of TGFβ signaling
Majken Storm Siersbaek (Odense C, Denmark)
21:25PP230Depletion of the autophagy adaptor OPTN leads to increased osteoclast formation, fusion and survival as well as increase NF-κB activation in vitro
Rami Obaid (Edinburgh, UK)
21:30PP282Phenotypic dissection of bone mineral density facilitates the identification of skeletal site specificity on the genetic regulation of bone
John Kemp (Bristol, UK)
21:35PP383Detection of autoantibodies to osteoprotegerin in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and their association with disease activity
Barbara Hauser (Edinburgh, UK)
Monday 20 May 2013
08:00 09:00  Symposium 3: Extreme bone phenotypes
Auditorium I
Chairs: Anna Teti (L’Aquila, Italy) & Jirko Kuehnisch
08:00S3.1Diagnosis and clinical management of of genetic skeletal disorders
Yasmine Alanay (Istanbul, Turkey)
08:30S3.2Insights from research in bone genetics: what do genetic skeletal disorders tell us on bone physiology?
Andrea Superti-Furga (Lausanne, Switzerland)
09:00 10:00  Plenary Orals 3
Osteoporosis pathophysiology and genetics
Auditorium I
Chairs: Andre Uitterlinden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) & Ana Maria Rodrigues (Lisbon, Portugal)
09:00OC3.1Heavy cannabis use negatively impacts on bone density - a population based prospective study
Antonia Sophocleous (Edinburgh, UK)
09:10PP277A genomic and transcriptomic approach to the high bone mass phenotype: evidence of heterogeneity and of additive effects of TWIST1, IL6R, DLX3 and PPARG
Susana Balcells (Barcelona, Spain)
09:20OC3.3Distinct relationships of intramuscular and subcutaneous fat with cortical bone: findings from a cross-sectional study of young adult males and females
Kevin Deere (Bristol, UK)
09:30OC3.4Cortical exceeds trabecular bone loss before menopause but net bone loss is modest because periosteal apposition occurs
Åshild Bjørnerem (Tromsø, Norway)
09:40OC3.5Genome-wide association identifies a new susceptibility locus at 4q35 associated with clinical vertebral fractures in post-menopausal women: The GEFOS-GENOMOS consortium.
Nerea Alonso Lopez (Edinburgh, UK)
09:50OC3.6Causal metabolomic pathways to osteoporosis in elderly women
Alireza Moayyeri (London, UK)
09:01 10:00  Plenary Orals 4
Osteoblasts and osteocytes
Auditorium II
09:00OC4.1High-Throughput DEXA and MicroCT Screening in Gene Knockout Mice Identifies Bone Mass Phenotypes
Robert Brommage (Texas, USA)
09:10OC4.2The p38alpha MAPK pathway in osteoblasts contributes to ovariectomy-induced bone loss by upregulating interleukin-6 expression
Cyril Thouverey (Geneva, Switzerland)
09:20OC4.3Severe osteopenia, increased bone marrow adipogenesis and fibronectin matrix changes in mice lacking both TG2 and FXIIIA transglutaminases
Mari Kaartinen (Montreal, Canada)
09:30OC4.4Glucocorticoid exposure reduces expression of sclerostin in bone marrow stromal cells
Sylvia Thiele (Dresden, Germany)
09:40OC4.5Mechanical loading increases the effect of sclerostin antibody treatment in a mouse model of high turnover osteoporosis
Gisela Kuhn (Zurich, Switzerland)
09:50OC4.6Periostin (Postn) synergizes with osteocytes beta-catenin to mediate the adaptive skeletal response to loading
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
10:00 11:00  AGM
Auditorium I
11:00 12:30  Workshop 3: Vertebral fractures
Auditorium I
Chairs: Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK) & José António Pereira Silva (Coimbra, Portugal)
11:00W3.1The impact of vertebral fractures on morbidity and mortality
Adolfo Diez Perez (Barcelona, Spain)
11:30W3.2How are vertebral fractures best detected and diagnosed?
Emma Clark (Bristol, UK)
12:00W3.3Treatment of vertebral fractures
Viviana Tavares (Lisbon, Portugal)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 4: Osteoclast activity and haematopoiesis
Auditorium II
Chairs: Hans van Leeuwen (Rotterdam, The Netherlands) & Ines Perpetuo (Lisbon, Portugal)
11:00W4.1The relationship between osteoclasts and haematopoiesis
Nicole Horwood (London, UK)
11:30W4.2Are osteoclasts dispensable for haematopoietic stem cell maintenance and mobilization?
Claudine Blin-Wakkach (Nice, France)
12:00W4.3Osteoclasts and haematopoietic stem cell transplantation in clinical practice
Ansgar Schulz (Ulm, Germany)
12:30 13:45  LUNCH AND POSTERS
12:45 13:45  Meet the Professor Sessions
12:45MTP6Bone Pain - Auditorium III
Auditorium III
Anne Marie Heegard (Copenhagen, Denmark)
12:45MTP7Clinical utility of bone turnover markers - Auditorium IV
Auditorium IV
Nuria Guanabens (Barcelona, Spain)
12:45MTP8What does bone genetics tell us on bone physiology - Room 5A
Room 5A
Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK)
12:45MTP9Failure of osteoporosis treatment - Room 5B
Room 5B
Adolfo Diez Perez (Barcelona, Spain)
12:45MTP10New osteoporosis treatment modalities - Room 5C
Room 5C
Viviana Tavares (Lisbon, Portugal)
12:45 13:45  New Investigator Workshop 2
Auditorium II
NIW2How to manage your research time and team
Eric Hesse
13:45 15:00  ECTS / ASBMR Clinical Debate: This house believes that muscle, not bone, is the preferred target to reduce non-vertebral fractures
Auditorium I
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark) & Jane Lian (Burlington, USA)
Against the Motion
Steven Cummings
In Support of the Motion
John Campbell
15:00 16:00  Oral Posters 2: Pre-clinical
Auditorium II
Chairs: Peter Croucher (Sydney, Australia) & Inês Perpétuo (Lisbon, Portugal)
Eleanor Mackie (Parkville, Australia)
15:05OP32Hepatic lipase is expressed by osteoblasts and modulates bone remodeling in obesity
Andreas Niemeier (Hamburg)
15:10OP33Regulation and function of immunosuppressive molecule human leukocyte antigen G5 in human bone tissue
Frederic Deschaseaux (Toulouse, France)
15:15OP34Activation of the Parathyroid Hormone-Receptor is Involved in the Pro-survival Effect of Hypotonic Shock in Osteocyte-like MLO-Y4 Cells
Marta Maycas (Madrid, Spain)
15:20OP35Effects of a mutated sclerostin peptide on bone and lean mass in mice.
Maude Gerbaix (Geneva, Switzerland)
15:25OP36N-Cadherin Governs Age-Related Determination in Mice Through Modulation of Wnt5a and Wnt10b.
Eric Haÿ (Paris, France)
15:30OP37The D477N mutation in OPTN leads to increased bone turnover and enhanced osteoclast formation in OptnD477N/D477N mice
Sachin Wani (Edinburgh, UK)
15:35OP38BMP-9 induces the calcification of vascular smooth muscle cells.
Dongxing Zhu (Edinburgh, UK)
15:40OP39Thrombin receptor deficiency leads to osteopetrosis by decreasing the RANKL/OPG ratio
BCJ van_der_Eerden (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
15:45OP40Insertion of the clcn7 gene mutation pG213R in mouse induces Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis Type II (ADO2).
Andrea Del Fattore (Ciampino, Italy)
15:00 16:00  Oral Posters 2: Clinical
Auditorium I
Chairs: Jon Tobias (Bristol, UK) & Nerea Alonso Lopez
15:00OP11Health economic consequences of fractures in patients with osteoporosis: A national register based study of total and incremental health costs following fracture.
Bo Abrahamsen (Hellerup, Denmark)
15:05OP12Fracture Risk Assessment In A Primary Care Population: Case Finding Using Routine GP Data and a health reporting, analysis & intelligence delivery tool, In The United Kingdom
Terry Aspray (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
15:10OP13Hip Fracture Trends in Denmark 1980-2010 with Age-Period-Cohort-effects
Bjorn Rosengren (Malmo, Sweden)
15:15OP14Impact of hip fracture on mortality and life expectancy
Karl Michaëlsson (Uppsala, Sweden)
15:20OP15Fracture risk among men, in relation to osteopenia and osteoporosis defined by areal bone mineral density.
Julie Pasco (Geelong, Australia)
15:25OP16Long-term effects of symptomatic versus intensive bisphosphonate therapy for Paget's disease of bone: The PRISM-EZ study.
Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK)
15:30OP17Denosumab is associated with progressive improvements in hip cortical mass and thickness
K Poole (Zug, Switzerland)
15:35OP18Effects of Odanacatib on BMD and Safety in the Treatment of Osteoporosis in Postmenopausal Women Previously Treated with Alendronate- A Randomized Placebo-Controlled trial
Roland Chapurlat (North Wales, USA)
15:40OP19Effects of Sclerostin Antibody and Maintenance of New Bone Induced by Sclerostin Antibody in Animal Models
Hua Zhu Ke (Thousand Oaks, USA)
15:45OP20Resolution of Effects on Bone Turnover Markers and Bone Mineral Density after Discontinuation of Long-term Bisphosphonate Use 
Claude Benhamou (North Wales, USA)
16:00 16:30  COFFEE
16:30 18:00  Educational Symposium 2
Approach to the finding of abnormal laboratory results
Supported by Alexion & IDS
Auditorium II
Chairs: Núria Guañabens (Barcelona, Spain) & Martina Rauner
16:40ES2.1Low alkaline phosphatase
(to include the differential diagnosis of low alkaline phosphatase in children and adults as well as to discuss hypophosphatasia)
Michael Whyte (Washington, USA)
17:05ES2.2Low phosphate
(to include the differential diagnosis of low serum phosphate in children and adults as well as to discuss X-linked ked hypophosphatemic rickets)
Seiji Fukumoto (Tokyo, Japan)
17:30ES2.3Low vitamin D
(to include the indications for measurement and the causes for a low vitamin D and implications for treatment)
Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch
18:00 18:30  BREAK
18:30 20:00  Satellite Symposium - New evidence for osteoporosis therapy - Supported by Amgen in collaboration with GSK
Including panel discussion
Supported by Amgen in collaboration with GSK
Auditorium I
Chairs: Bente Langdahl (Aarhus, Denmark) & Jose Pereira Da Silva (Coimbra, Portugal)
18:35Denosumab : valuable for my patients at increased risk for hip fracture?
Steven Boonen (Leuven, Belgium)
19:00What is the relevance for BMD increase in fracture risk reduction?
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)
19:25Transitioning osteoporosis therapies: what is the evidence?
Christian Muschitz (Vienna, Austria )
Tuesday 21 May 2013
08:00 09:00  Symposium 4: Energy metabolism and bone
Auditorium I
Chairs: Lorenz Hofbauer (Dresden, Germany) & Astrid Bakker
08:00S4.1Energy metabolism, bone and reproduction
Gerard Karsenty (New York, USA)
08:30S4.2Sweet bones - the effect of diabetes on bone
Jochen Seufert (Freiburg, Germany)
09:00 10:00  Orals 5 - Treatment of osteoporosis
Auditorium I
Chairs: John Eisman (Sydney, Australia) & Ana Maria Rodrigues
09:00OC5.1A Three Year Randomized Sham-Controlled Trial of Low Magnitude Mechanical Stimulation in an Elderly Sample:  The "VIBES" Trial
Douglas Kiel (Boston, USA)
09:10OC5.2Fracture Risk Factors During Treatment With Denosumab
Steven Cummings (San Francisco, USA)
09:20OC5.3Effect of blosozumab on bone mineral density: Results of a Phase 2 study of postmenopausal women with low bone mineraly density
Charles Benson (indianapolis, USA)
09:30OC5.4Effects of Romosozumab Administration on Trabecular and Cortical Bone Assessed With Quantitative Computed Tomography and Finite Element Analysis
C-C Glüer (Thousand Oaks, USA)
09:40OC5.5Bone Anabolic Efficacy and Safety of BA058, A Novel Analog of hPTHrP: 12 Month Extension Data from a Phase 2 Clinical Trial in Postmenopausal Women with Osteoporosis
Gary Hattersley (Cambridge, UK)
09:50OC5.6Testosterone Replacement has a Substantial Benefit on Bone Mass, Fracture Incidence, Libido and Sexual Activities in Male Cardiac Transplant Patients: A 5 Year Randomized Prospective Controlled Trial
Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer (Graz, Austria)
09:00 10:00  Orals 6 - Mineralisation and energy metabolism
Auditorium II
Chairs: Graham Russell (Oxford, UK) & Eugénia Simões (Lisbon, Portugal)
09:00OC6.1NPP1 (ecto-nucleotide pyrophosphatase/phosphodiesterase 1) is a key regulator of skeletal and soft tissue mineralisation
Isabel Orriss (London, UK)
09:10OC6.2Deficiency of the bone mineralisation inhibitor NPP1 protects against obesity and diabetes
Carmen Huesa (Edinbrugh, UK)
09:20OC6.3Collagen XV as a bone matrix organizer
David Vicente (Oulu, Finland)
09:30OC6.4Inhibition of PTH-induced vasorelaxation modulates its anabolic action
Stephanie Gohin (London, UK)
09:40OC6.5A protective role for FGF23 in local defence against disrupted arterial wall integrity?
Dongxing Zhu (Edinburgh, UK)
09:50OC6.6An Emerging Role of PHOSPHO1 in the Regulation of Energy Metabolism 
Karla Oldknow (Midlothian, UK)
11:15 12:45  Workshop 5: Anabolic bone therapies
Auditorium I
Chairs: Roland Baron (Boston, USA) & Eric Hesse
11:15W5.1The effect of PTH on fracture healing
Astrid Fahrleitner-Pammer (Graz, Austria)
11:45W5.2Wnt signaling - a clinical drug target
Venkatesh Krishnan (Boston, USA)
12:15W5.3Therapeutic targeting of activin signaling
Marco Eijken (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
11:15 12:45  Workshop 6: Cancer cells and Bone
Auditorium II
Chairs: Aymen Idris (Edinburgh, UK) & Hanna Taipaleenmaeki
11:15W6.1How do cancer cells home to bone?
Peter Croucher (Sydney, Australia)
11:45W6.2Biology and clinical relevance of circulating tumour cells
Klaus Pantel (Hamburg, Germany)
12:15W6.3Clinical decision making in metastatic bone disease
Peyman Hadju (Marburg, Germany)
12:45 14:00  LUNCH AND POSTERS
13:00 14:00  Meet the Professor Sessions
13:00MTP11Long-term treatment of osteoporosis - Auditorium III
Auditorium III
Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
13:00MTP12Breast cancer treatment induced osteoporosis - pathophysiology, prevention and treatment - Auditorium IV
Auditorium IV
Peyman Hadju (Marburg, Germany)
13:00MTP13Arthritis, inflammation and bone: from bench to bedside - Room 5A
Room 5A
Joao Eurico Fonseca (Lisboa, Portugal)
13:00MTP14.1ERC Grants - Room 5B
Room 5B
Omar Albagha (Edinburgh, UK)
13:00MTP14.2EU-Funding - Room 5B
Room 5B
Joana Camilo (Lisbon, Portugal)
13:00MTP15State-of the-Art techniques in Bone research - Room 5C
Room 5C
Saba Abdulghani Oliveira da Silva (Lisbon, Portugal)
13:00 14:00  New Investigator Workshop 3
Auditorium II
13:00NIW3How to get started as a posdoc
Martina Rauner (Dresden, Germany)
14:00 15:00  Symposium 5: Uncoupling of resorption and formation
Auditorium I
Chairs: Viviana Tavares (Lisbon, Portugal) & Erik Fink Eriksen (Oslo, Norway)
14:00S5.1Novel antiresorptives - uncoupling or not?
Hiroshi Takayanagi (Toyko, Japan)
14:30S5.2Effects of cathepsin K inhibition
John Eisman (Sydney, Australia)
Auditorium I


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