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17 May 2014
08:30 20:00  Registration open
09:00 09:30  Coffee
09:30 12:00  Clinical Update Session: Postmenopausal osteoporosis, vitamins and minerals
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Bente Langdahl & Juraj Payer
09:30CU1.1Calcium & Vitamin D – An update on benefits and risks
Paul Lips (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Graham Williams (London, UK)
10:30CU1.3Vitamin K
Cees Vermeer (Maastrict, The Netherlands)
11:00CU1.4Postmenopausal osteoporosis: when to treat and what with?
Stuart Ralston (Edinburgh, UK)
11:30CU1.5Treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis – long term benefits and risks
Bo Abrahamsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
12:00 12:30  Lunch
12:30 15:00  Allied Health Professionals Session
Club H
Chairs: Margaret Paggiosi & Mette Juel Rothmann
12:40AHP1The Epidemiology of ageing, fractures and falls
Jane Cauley (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
13:10AHP2Imaging the older patient
Claus Glüer (Kiel, Germany)
13:40AHP3Self-perceived fracture risk among post-menopausal women - how to communicate fracture risk (IS3)
Mette Juel Rothmann (Odense, Denmark)
14:10AHP4Vitamin D and bone health in the older patient
Paul Lips (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
14:40P258Socio-economic status and hip fracture risk: a region-wide ecological study.
Carlen Reyes (Barcelona, Spain)
14:50P21Are the high hip fracture rates among Norwegian women explained by impaired bone material properties?
Daysi Duarte-Sosa (Oslo, Norway )
12:30 15:00  Clinical Update Session: Management of parathyroid diseases
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Ian Reid & Jana Brunova
12:30CU2.1Hypoparathryroidism - Diagnosis and management
Natalie Cusano (New York, NY, USA)
13:00CU2.2Primary Hyperparathyroidism – Epidemiology and diagnosis
Richard Eastell (Sheffield, UK)
13:30CU2.3Treatment of primary hyperparathyroidism
Claudio Marcocci (Pisa, Italy)
14:00CU2.4Parathyroid diseases & multiple endocrine neoplasia
Raj Thakker (Oxford, UK)
14:30CU2.5Secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism
Marie-Helene Lafage-Proust (Saint-Etienne, France)
15:00 15:15  Break
15:15 16:45  Industry-sponsored Satellite Symposium 1
Congress Hall
16:45 17:45  Break
17:15 18:45  Educational Symposium 1: Next generation clinical imaging of bone
Congress Hall
Chairs: Claus Glüer & Didier Hans
17:15 - 17:45QCT assessement of treatment efficacy
Klaus Engelke (Erlangen, Germany)
17:45 - 18:15Innovations in High Resolution Peripheral Quantative Computed Tomography: Zooming in on trabecular and cortical bone microstructure
Sarah Manske (Calgary, Canada)
18:15 - 18:45Noninvasive assessment of cortical material properties by quantitative ultrasound
Pascal Laugier (Paris, France)
18:45 19:00  Break
19:00 21:15  Opening Ceremony, Joint ECTS/ASBMR Clinical Debate & Steven Boonen lecture and award
Congress Hall
Chairs: Bente Langdahl & Jan Stepan
19:15Steven Boonen lecture and award: Diabetoporosis: pathophysiology and challenges of a novel clinical syndrome
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)
20:00D1.1Debate: There are more benefits than risks associated with HRT in postmenopausal women - For the motion
John Stevenson (London, UK)
20:00D1.2Debate: There are more benefits than risks associated with HRT in postmenopausal women - Against the motion
Jane Cauley (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
21:15   Welcome Reception
18 May 2014
07:30 19:30  Registration
08:30 09:30  Symposium 1: Osteocytes and calcium homeostasis
Congress Hall
Chairs: Anna Teti & Astrid Bakker
08:30S1.1Periosteocytic osteolysis in preclinical models
Alberta Zallone (Bari, Italy)
09:00S1.2Osteocytes and cortical bone quality in human bone diseases
Björn Busse (Hamburg, Germany)
09:30 10:30  Plenary Orals 1: Preclinical - Phosphate metabolism, fracture repair and osteoarthritis
Congress Hall
Chairs: Reinhold Erben & Ivan Raska
09:30OC1.1Type 2 cannabinoid receptor protects against osteoarthritis in mice
Antonia Sophocleous (Edinburgh, UK)
09:40OC1.2Study of Hyp or Phex null male fetuses reveals that 8-fold increased FGF23 does not alter fetal-placental phosphorus homeostasis or prenatal bone formation and mineralization 
Yue Ma (Newfoundland, Canada)
09:50OC1.3Klotho deficiency impairs mineralization by vitamin D hormone-driven upregulation of osteopontin and pyrophosphate in bone
Sathish Kumar Murali (Vienna, Austria)
10:00OC1.4Long-term Fgf23 deficiency induces renal and skeletal PTH resistance in Vitamin D receptor-ablated mice
Olena Andrukhova (Vienna, Austria)
10:10OC1.5The role of alarmins in fracture repair
Ana Isabel Espirito Santo ( Oxford, UK)
10:30OC1.6The role of Neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor signalling in fracture healing
Daniela M Sousa (Porto, Portugal )
09:30 10:30  Plenary Orals 2: Clinical - Osteoporosis epidemiology
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Torben Harsløf & Jaroslav Blahos
09:30OC2.1Low serum thyrotropin level and duration of suppressioin as a predictor of major osteoporotic fractures - The openthyro register cohort
Bo Abrahamsen (Glostrup, Denmark)
09:40OC2.2Effect of daily vitamin B12 and folic acid supplementation on fracture incidence in elderly with an elevated plasma homocysteine level: B-PROOF, a randomized controlled trial
Paul Lips (Wageningen, The Netherlands)
09:50OC2.3Hip fractures in Sweden and Denmark 1987 - 2010 - Period and cohort effects
Bo Abrahamsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
10:00OC2.4Are the high HIP fracture rates among Norwegian women explained by impaired bone material properties?
Daysi Duarte-Sosa (Oslo, Norway)
10:10OC2.5IGFBP-1 as a predictor of hip fractures
Hans Lundin (Stockholm, Sweden)
10:20OC2.6Absolute fracture and mortality risk in patients with a recent non-vertebral fracture: the contribution of secondary osteoporosis or other metabolic bone disease (SECOB)
Sandrine Bours (Maastricht, The Netherlands)
10:30 11:00  Coffee, Posters & Exhibitions
11:00 12:30  Workshop 1: Extracellular vesicles: from old to new frontiers
Jointly with Cancer and Bone Society
Congress Hall
Chairs: Hans van Leeuwen & Alfredo Cappariello
11:00W1.1Matrix vesicles and mineralisation
Alexander Kapustin (London, UK)
11:30W1.2Extracellular RNAs and cell to cell communication
Esther Nolte-’t Hoen (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
12:00W1.3Tumor derived secretome and exosomes in bone metastasis
Yibin Kang (Princeton, USA)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 2: Genetics of bone disease
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Stuart Ralston & Simona Mencej Bedrac
11:00W2.1GWAS - what comes next?
Fernando Rivadeneira (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Jose Riancho (Santander, Spain)
Munir Pirmohamed (Liverpool, UK)
12:30 14:00  Lunch, Posters & Exhibition
12:30 14:00  Industry-sponsored Satellite Symposium 2
Panorama Hall
14:00 14:15  Awards 1
Congress Hall
Chair: Bente Langdahl
2014 ECTS Mike Horton Preclinical/Translational Award
2014 ECTS Philippe Bordier Clinical Award
14:15 15:15  Symposium 2: Imaging - from cell to structure
Congress Hall
Chairs: Miep Helfrich & Klaus Klaushofer
14:00S2.1Imaging and fracture risk prediction
Claus Glüer (Kiel, Germany)
14:30S2.2Multiphoton microscopy of cell migration
Peter Friedl (Nijmegen, the Netherlands)
15:15 16:15  Oral Posters Preclinical
Congress Hall
Chairs: Bram Van der Eerden & Francesco Ramirez
15:15OP21Novel evidence that Apolipoprotein A-I deficiency is implicated in the pathogenesis of osteoporosis in mice.
Eleni Kalyvioti (Rion-Patras, Greece)
15:19OP22Apolipoprotein-E (ApoE) deficiency predisposes to the development of osteoporosis following long-term exposure to Western-type diet, in mice
Nicholas Papachristou (Rion-Patras, Greece)
15:23OP23The peroxisome proliferator activated receptor alfa (PPARα) agonist fenofibrate improves the effect of high-impact exercise on bone and muscle mass in ovariectomized rats
Mats Peder Mosti (Trondheim, Norway)
15:31OP24New Insights in the Bone-Muscle Axis: the Novel Myokine Irisin is involved in skeletal metabolism.
Graziana Colaianni (Italy)
15:35OP25Selective inhibition of BET bromodomains epigenetic signaling interferes with the bone-associated tumor vicious cycle
Francois Lamoureux (Nantes, France)
15:39OP26Disturbed cartilages of the mandible in achondroplasia are associated with defective mandible shape and position
Laurence Legeai-Mallet (Paris, France )
15:47OP27Novel mechanisms of action and new target genes of the glucocorticoid receptor in inflammatory bone disease and bone loss
Jan Tuckermann (Ulm, Germany )
15:55OP28Bone matrix mineralization after Sclerostin antibody treatment in a mouse model of osteogenesis imperfecta
Andreas Roschger (Vienna, Austria)
15:59OP29Innovative cell-based strategy for systemic delivery of soluble RANKL in RANKL-deficient osteopetrotic mice
Alfredo Cappariello (Rome, Italy)
16:03OP30Bone secreted Dickkopf-related protein 1 ameliorates osteoarthritis in mice
Thomas Funck-Brentano (Paris, France)
15:15 16:15  Oral Posters Clinical
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Erik Fink Eriksen & Peter Vanuga
15:15OP1A transdermal patch delivering the PTHrP1-34 analog, Abaloparatide (BA058), dose-dependently increases spine and Hip BMD compared to placebo
John Yates (MA, USA)
15:19OP2Abaloparatide (BA058), a novel human PTHrP analog, restores bone mass and strength in the aged osteopenic ovariectomized cynomolgus monkey
Gary Hattersley (MA, USA)
15:23OP3PTH treatment induces WNT10b expression in humans lymphoid cells.
Patrizia D'Amelio (Torino, Italy )
15:31OP4Denosumab treatment in women with osteoporosis reduces hip cortical porosity
David L Kendler (Melbourne, Australia)
15:35OP5Continuous modelling-based bone formation could explain sustained increases in hip bone mineral density (BMD) with denosumab (DMAb) treatment
Roland Baron (CA, USA)
15:39OP6Changes in lumbar spine QCT, DXA and TBS with denosumab, alendronate or placebo in postmenopausal women with low bone mass
Thierry Thomas (St Etienne, France)
15:43OP7In postmenopausal women previously treated with an oral bisphosphonate and at higher risk of fracture, denosumab significantly increases bone mineral
Jacques P Brown (Quebec, Canada)
15:51OP8Effects of up to 15 years of recombinant human GH (rhGH) replacement therapy on the skeleton in Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency: The Leiden Cohort Study
Natasha appelman-dijkstra (leiden, The Netherlands)
15:55OP9Zoledronate prevents lactation induced loss of bone strength and micro-architecture
Annemarie Brüel ( Aarhus, Denmark)
15:59OP10Zoledronate reverses bone marrow adiposity in disuse osteopenic rats
Michael Vinkel Jensen (Aarhus, Denmark)
16:15 17:00  Beer & Poster Reception
17:00 18:00  New Investigator Workshop 1: Mentor Session - NEW for 2014!
Club H
Chairs: Hans van Leeuwen & Alfredo Cappariello
NIW1.1Making the transition from academia to management
Anna Teti (L'Aquila, Italy)
NIW1.2Time management – balancing competing priorities
Bo Abrahamsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
NIW1.3The imposter syndrome: self belief and self confidence
Miep Helfrich (Aberdeen, UK)
NIW1.4Getting your work published
Serge Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland)
NIW1.5Writing a successful grant/fellowship application
Raj Thakker (Oxford, UK)
17:00 18:00  Meet the Professor Sessions 1 - 5
Club A-E
MTP1Update on primary hyperparathyroidism
Club A
Natalie Cusano (New York, NY, USA)
MTP2Methods for imaging the vasculature in bone
Club B
Marie-Helene Lafage-Proust (Saint-Etienne, France)
MTP3The study of bone quality by microindentation
Club C
Adolfo Diez-Perez (Barcelona, Spain)
MTP4Mechanical properties of bones: direct and indirect measurement
Club D
Marco Viceconti (Sheffield, UK)
MTP5Executive Coordinator of ISE: How best to promote science in Europe
Club E
Wolfgang Eppenschwandtner (Heidelberg, Germany)
18:00 20:30  New Investigator Seminar & Gathering
Club H
Chairs: Riku Kiviranta & Astrid Bakker
NISThe Innervation of bone
Chantal Chenu (London, UK)
P178Low-density lipoprotein receptor-related protein 5 governs Wnt-mediated osteoarthritic cartilage destru
Yunhyun Huh (Gwangju, Republic of Korea)
P105Reduced bone formation and increased adiposity with insulin resistance in interleukin-11 deficient mice
Bingzi Dong (Kobe, Japan)
P177The transcription factor Foxc1 controls endochondral ossification through the direct regulation of PTHrP and Cola10a1 expression under the partnership with Gli2 and Runx2
Michiko Yoshida (Miyagi, Japan)
P104Overexpression of Sp7 in osteoblasts inhibits osteoblast maturation but enhances angiogenesis in bone
Hisato Komori (Nagasakishi, Japan)
P107Osteoblast-specific overexpression of amphiregulin leads to transient increase in cancellous bone mass in mice
Mithila Vaidya (Vienna, Austria)
P106Downregulation of Smurf1 is involved in odontoblast differentiation induced by histone deacetylase inhibitors
Arang Kwon (Seoul, Republic of Korea)
P71Effect of Recombinant Human Parathyroid Hormone, rhPTH(1-84), on Bone Turnover Markers and Bone Mineral Density in Patients With Hypoparathyroidism: 24-Week, Open-Label REPEAT Study
Laszlo Bajnok (Pécs, Hungary)
P16Inhibition of RANKL-mediated bone remodeling decreases
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland)
19 May 2014
08:30 09:30  Symposium 3: Vascular calcification
Joint ECTS/ASBMR Session
Congress Hall
Chairs: Lorenz Hofbauer & Vit Zikan
08:30S3.1Mechanisms of vascular calcification
Catherine Shanahan (London, UK)
09:00S3.2Clinical aspects
Keith Hruska (St Louis, USA)
09:30 10:30  Pleanry Orals 3: Preclinical - Osteoclasts, gastric hormones and HIF
Congress Hall
Chairs: Gudrun Stenbeck & Slobodan Vukicevic
09:30OC3.1HIF prolyl hydroxylase 2 (PHD2) controls bone homeostasis through HIF2a - a novel player in osteohematology 
Martina Rauner (Dresden, Germany)
09:40OC3.2Activation of the P2Y2 receptor enhances osteoclast function by stimulating the release of ATP, a pro-resorptive extracellular nucleotide
Isabel Orriss (London, UK)
09:50OC3.3Thyroid hormones stimulate osteoclastogenesis via TRα-dependent actions in osteoblasts
John G Logan (London, UK)
10:00OC3.4RANKL enhances TNF-induced osteoclast formation by degrading TRAF3 in osteoclast precursors independent of TRAF6
Brendan Boyce (NY, USA )
10:10OC3.5Double incretin receptor knock-out (DIRKO) mice present with alterations of trabecular and cortical microarchitectures and bone strength.
Guillaume Mabilleau (Angers, France)
10:20OC3.6Skeletal effects of the gastrin receptor antagonist netazepide in H+/K+ATPase beta-subunit deficient mice
Kristin Matre Aasarød (Trondheim, Norway)
09:30 10:30  Plenary Orals 4: Clinical - Genetics of bone disease
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Jane Cauley & Astrid Farleitner-Pammer
09:30OC4.1PLS3 mutations in X-linked osteoporosis with fractures
M Carola Zillikens (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
09:40OC4.2A novel missense mutation in LRP4 gene is associated with an increase in bone mineral density in males
N Alonso (Edinburgh, UK)
09:50OC4.3Exome-chip meta-analysis identifies novel associations of coding variants in BSN and GLRA4 with lumbar spine BMD in 27,339 adults of European descent
Karol Estrada (Boston, MA, USA)
10:00OC4.4Variants in RIN3 predispose to Paget's disease of bone
Mahéva Vallet (Edinburgh, UK)
10:10OC4.5Bone microarchitecture, geometry and volumetric BMD assessed using HR-pQCT in adult patients with Hypophosphatemic Rickets
Vikram Shanbhogue (Fyn, Denmark)
10:20OC4.6Gout is associated with an excess risk of osteoporotic fracture findings from a Danish registry.
Katrine H Rubin (Denmark)
10:30 11:00  ECTS AGM
Congress Hall
10:30 11:00  Coffee, Posters & Exhibitions
11:00 12:30  Workshop 3: Blood supply in pathophysiology of bone
Congress Hall
Chairs: Tim Arnett & Cathy Shanahan
11:00W3.1Functional role of blood vessels in bone
Marie-Helene Lafage-Proust (Saint-Etienne, France)
11:30W3.2Vessel-tissue interactions in the skeletal system
Ralf Adams (Muenster, Germany)
12:00W3.3Skeletal blood flow in bone repair
Ryan Tomlinson (Baltimore, MD, USA)
11:00 12:30  Workshop 4: Endocrine regulation of bone
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Richard Eastell & Nuria Guanabens
11:00W4.1Hyponatremia, sodium metabolism and bone
Joseph Verbalis (Pittsburgh, PA, USA)
11:30W4.2Bone sparing glucocorticoids
Mark Cooper (Syndey, Australia)
12:00W4.3Thyroid hormones and bone
Graham Williams (London, UK)
12:30 14:00  Industry-sponsored Satellite Symposium 3
Panorama Hall
12:30 14:00  Lunch, Posters & Exhibition
14:00 14:15  Awards 2
2014 ECTS/Amgen Bone Biology Fellowship
2014 ECTS Iain T Boyle Award
14:15 15:15  Symposium 4: Maintaining muscle during life
Congress Hall
Chairs: Brendan Boyce & Miep Helfrich
14:15S4.1Making muscle in the embryo and the adult, role of muscle stem cells
Didier Montarras (Paris, France)
14:45S4.2New targets for pharmacological treatment of sarcopenia in old age
David Glass (Boston, MA, USA)
15:15 16:15  Oral Posters Preclinical
Congress Hall
Chairs: Keith Hruska & Andrea Del Fattore
15:15OP31Increased expression of PTX3 in non-hematopoietic periosteal cells during fracture healing
Danka Grcevic (Zagreb, Croatia)
15:19OP32Enhancement of fracture repair by upregulation of the innate immune response
Ana Isabel Espirito Santo (Oxford, UK)
15:23OP33CXCL8 and CCL20 enhance osteoblast-mediated osteoclastogenesis
Astrid D Bakker (Amsterdam, The Netherlands )
15:31OP34Telomerase promotes osteoblast differentiation by modulating IGF-signaling pathway
Hamid Saeed (Fyn, Denmark)
15:35OP35PRKG1: A novel regulator of human skeletal (Mesenchymal) stem cell differentiation
Abbas Jafari (Copenhagen, Denmark )
15:39OP36The roles of CDC42 in bone development
Jirong Wang (Zhejiang province, China )
15:47OP37Inhibition of bone remodeling by bisphosphonate displaces the plasma cell niche into the spleen
Jean-Pierre David (Erlangen, Germany)
15:51OP38Syndecan-2 is a new negative modulator of Wnt signaling within bone marrow
Rafik Mansouri (Paris, France)
15:55OP39Inhibition of PDE5 decreases bone mass through inhibiting canonical Wnt signaling
Gong Ying (Zhejiang, China)
15:59OP40Protein malnutrition attenuates bone anabolic response to PTH in female rats.
Cedric Lavet (Geneva, Switzerland)
15:15 16:15  Oral Posters Clinical
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Adolfo Diez-Perez & Vidmantas Alekna
15:15OP11A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, ascending, single-dose study of a human monoclonal anti-FGF23 antibody (KRN23) in X-linked
Xiaoping Zhang (CT, USA)
15:19OP12Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Pharmacodynamics (PD) of a human monoclonal anti-FGF23 antibody (KRN23) after ascending single-dose administration in patients with X-linked hypophosphatemia
Xiaoping Zhang (Princeton, NJ, USA)
15:23OP13Decrease in expression of MMP-3 in osteoblast protects against bone loss.
Mylene Zarka-Prost-Dumont (Paris, France)
15:31OP14Ten year Alendronate use does not adversely affect bone quality compared to five years use: a human iliac crest biopsy study.
Norbert Hassler (Vienna, Austria)
15:35OP15Predictors of second fracture while on treatment with oral bisphosphonates: A multinational retrospective cohort study.
Bo Abrahamsen (Copenhagen, Denmark)
15:39OP16The impact of common comorbidities (as measured using the Charlson Index) on hip fracture risk in elderly men: a population-based cohort study.
Carlen Reyes (Barcelona, Spain)
15:47OP17Dynamic changes in bone marrow adiposity during the menstrual cycle
Annegreet Veldhuis-Vlug (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
15:51OP18Does bone density, bone strength, sarcopenia or dynapenia explain greater risk of fracture in obesity?
Amy Evans (Sheffield, UK )
15:55OP19Effect of subcutaneous recombinant human parathyroid hormone, rhPTH(1-84), on skeletal dynamics in hypoparathyroidism: Findings from the 24-week
John P. Bilezikian (NY, USA)
15:59OP20No beneficial effects of vitamin D supplementation on muscle function or quality of life in primary hyperparathyroidism: results from a randomized controlled trial.
Lars Rolighed (Denmark)
16:15 17:00  Beer & Poster Reception
17:00 18:00  New Investigator Workshop 2
Club H
17:00NI2.1The NI experience in the US & transitioning to a group leader
Björn Busse ( Hamburg, Germany)
17:20NI2.2The NI experience in the US & transitioning to a group leader
Simone Cenci (Milan, Italy)
17:40Joint discussion
17:00 18:00  Meet the Professor Sessions 6- 10
Club A-E
MTP6Glucocorticoids and the bone
Club A
Mark Cooper (Sydney, Australia)
MTP7Quantitative computed tomography of the spine: the study of spine structure
Club B
Claus Glüer (Kiel, Germany)
MTP8Biology of Aging Bone and Muscle
Club C
Steve Cummings (San Francisco, CA, USA)
Club D
David Glass (Boston, MA, USA)
MTP10High throughput transgenic mouse bone and cartilage phenotyping
Club E
Graham Williams (London, UK)
18:00 19:30  Educational Symposium 2: Topical Issues in Paediatric Bone Health
Joint ECTS / ICCBH Symposium
Congress Hall
Chairs: Maria Luisa Bianchi & Coen Netelenbos
18:00 - 18:30ED2.1Hypophosphatasia
Nick Bishop (Sheffield, UK)
18:30 - 19:00ED2.2Gaucher’s disease
Tim Cox (Cambridge, UK)
19:00ED2.3Updated biology of Vitamin D: From the blood vessel to the bone
Craig Langman (Chicago, IL, USA)
20 May 2014
08:00 09:00  Symposium 5: Anabolic treatment of osteoporosis
Congress Hall
Chairs: Jan Štěpán & Roland Charpulat
08:00S5.1Limitations to anabolic stimulation of bone formation
Roland Baron (Boston, MA, USA)
08:30S5.2Clinical use of anabolic drugs
Adolfo Diez-Perez (Barcelona, Spain)
09:00 10:00  Hot Topics
Congress Hall
Chairs: Bente Langdahl & Martine Cohen Solal
09:00HT1Atypical femoral fracture and bisphosphonate use: Association with duration, cessation, gender, and type of bisphosphonate. A population-based study of 172 cases. 
Jörg Schilcher (Linköping, Sweden)
09:10HT2Osteoblast-specific ablation of p38alpha blunts the bone anabolic activity of parathyroid hormone
Cyril Thouverey (Geneva, Switzerland )
09:20HT3Consistent, marked and rapid Increases in hip and spine BMD with the PTHrP1-34 analog, abaloparatide (BA058), compared to placebo and teriparatide
John Yates (Cambridge, MA, USA)
09:30HT4Sclerostin prevents mice from osteoarthritis despite high subchondral bone accretion
Wafa Bouaziz (Paris, France)
09:40HT5Skin inflammation causes bone loss with reduced bone formation through systemic IL-17A release
Ozge Uluckan ( Madrid, Spain)
09:50HT6Endochrondral ossification, mesenchymal stem cell and Wnt pathway specific loci predict differential skeletal effects in High Bone Mass
Celia Gregson (Bristol, UK)
10:00 10:45  Coffee, Exhibition & Posters
10:45 12:15  Workshop 5: The interactive extracellular matrix
Congress Hall
Chairs: Julie Crockett & Maria Luisa Bianchi
10:45W5.1The non collageous matrix network in bone and cartilage
Francesco Ramirez (New York, NY, USA)
11:15W5.2Gremlin-2 is a BMP antagonist that is regulated by the circadian clock
Karl Kadler (Manchester, UK)
11:45W5.3Skeletal genetic diseases involving matrix proteins
Michael Briggs (Newcastle, UK)
10:45 12:15  Workshop 6: Osteoimmunology
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Martina Rauner & Stuart Ralston
10:45W6.1Osteochondral alterations in osteoarthritis
Martine Cohen-Solal (Paris, France)
11:15W6.2Inflammation, bone destruction and osteoproliferation in spondylarthritis
Georg Schett (Erlangen, Germany)
11:45W6.3TRAP mutations and immunology
Tracey Briggs (Manchester, UK)
12:15 13:15  New Investigator Workshop 3
Club H
NI3Balancing clinical duties with basic research
Mark Cooper (Sydney, Australia)
12:15 13:15  Meet the Professor Sessions 11 - 15
Club A-E
Club B
Georg Schett (Erlangen, Germany)
WHI: What have we learned about HRT, calcium and vitamin D - PLEASE NOTE: THIS SESSION HAS BEEN CANCELLED
MTP13Phosphate homeostasis
Club D
Keith Hruska (St Louis, MO, USA)
MTP14How to get your paper published
Club A
Brendan Boyce (Rochester, NY, USA)
MTP15Genetics of osteoporosis
Club E
Fernando Rivadeneira (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
12:15 13:15  Lunch, Posters & Exhibition
12:15 13:15  Clinical Cases Session
Panorama Hall
Chair: Lars Rejnmark
Cristina Sobacchi (Milan, Italy)
12:25CC2Calciotropic and phosphotropoc hormones and mineral metabolism
Silje Rafaelsen (Hordaland, Norway)
12:35CC3Other diseases of bone and mineral metabolism
Wayne Cabral (USA)
N Alonso (Edinburgh, UK)
13:15 14:15  Symposium 6: New Approaches to Fracture Prediction
Congress Hall
Chairs: Claus Glüer & Serge Ferrari
13:15S6.1Virtual physiological human: New approaches to fracture prediction
Marco Viceconti (Sheffield, UK)
13:45S6.2Goals of treatment for osteoporosis
Steve Cummings (San Francisco, CA, USA)
14:15 15:15  Plenary Orals 5 - Important pathways in bone biology and cancer
Panorama Hall
Chairs: Nadia Rucci & Barbara Misof
14:15OC5.1In vivo efficacy of a pharmacological inhibitor of TNAP to prevent arterial calcification and its associated cardiac hypertrophy and mortality
Campbell Sheen (CA, USA)
14:25OC5.2Regulation of bone metastasis by the IKKβ/FoxO3a axis.
Silvia Marino (Edinburgh, UK)
14:35OC5.3Beta haemoglobin (HBB) is a novel marker of breast cancer progression
Mattia Capulli (L'Aquila, Italy)
14:45OC5.4WNT5A has anti-prostate cancer effects and protects against bone metastases
Stefanie Thiele (Dresden, Germany)
14:55OC5.5Rs55710688 in the Kozak sequence of WNT16 increases translation efficiency and is associated with osteoporosis related parameters
Gretl Hendrickx (Antwerp, Belgium)
15:05OC5.6Enhanced load adaptation in long bone of Cathepsin K-deficient mice
Nicolas Bonnet (Geneva, Switzerland )
14:15 15:15  Plenary Orals 6 - Osteoporosis treatment and the effects of physical activity
Congress Hall
Chairs: Steve Cummings & Barbara Obermayer-Pietsch
14:15OC6.1Sex differences in bone acquisition of pre-pubertal children are consequence of differential responsiveness to mechanical loading
Carolina Medina-Gomez (Rotterdam, The Netherlands )
14:25OC6.2Gender-specific associations between physical functioning, bone quality, and fracture risk in older people
Renate de Jongh ( Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
14:35OC6.3Vitamin D is low in obesity, and this is due to greater volume of distribution.
Jennifer S Walsh (Sheffield, UK)
14:45OC6.4Long-term denosumab therapy further reduces the rate of non-vertebral fractures in women with persisting low hip BMD after 3 years
S Ferrari (Geneva, Switzerland )
14:55OC6.5The effect of bisphosphonate treatment on osteoclast precursor cells in postmenopausal women with osteoporosis: The TRIO study
Fatma Gossiel (Sheffield, UK)
15:05OC6.6External auditory canal and middle ear diseases in bisphosphonate-treated osteoporosis patients. A Danish National Register Based Cohort Study
Anne-Luise Thorsteinsson (Hillerød, Denmark )
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Chairs: Bente Langdahl & Jan Stepan